The Apothecarist-a

Lifestyle Prescriptions are Stories of Seeking Happy from Self to Surroundings


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"The half fiction-half real story is that if you'd ever asked "ME"; the flower-head ancient rooted female apothecarist, about miracle medicines; I would open my medicine chest: my heart & my home!  Apothecarista connects to intend healing daily with the Dance of Sun & Clouds at sun up. She ceremonially feasts along beautifully with to balance, with her nourishments and concoctions of a creative kitchen laboratory til sun down. 

If Ritualizing Happy and Medicinal Cuisine ideas of the Apothecarista don't inspire you as a miracle Rx, dr. Mahtab will then look at your medicine cabinet even more curiously ."

RX1:GOOD words


Create A Novel Perspective by writing creatively or reading uplifting writings 

RX2:GOOD Thoughts


RX3:GOOD deedS


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